How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio Using Private Money

How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio Using Private Money

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🎙️ Episode 342 – From leveraging other people's money to scale your investments to building lasting partnerships, we'll share the practical tips any new investor needs to break into the market without relying solely on their own capital – with Soli Cayetano.

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🎬 Topics Covered:
00:00 Private Money Lenders
01:52 Hard Money vs. Private Money
03:47 How to Ask for Money
06:19 Creating Opportunities to Gain Private Lenders
07:45 Educate, Don’t Pitch
08:44 Leveraging Social Media
09:39 Real Estate Investing After College
12:22 How to Gain the Trust of a Private Lender
17:26 Documents for Private Lending
20:37 Standard Terms for a Flip or BRRRR
23:20 Long-Term Loans to Pay Off Private Lenders
25:57 Repeating Private Lenders
30:09 The Importance of an Attorney
33:23 Private Money Partners vs. Private Money Lenders
38:15 Connect with Soli Cayetano
38:53 How to Cash Flow in This Market

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By: Coach Carson
Title: How to Grow Your Rental Portfolio Using Private Money
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