Beyond Traditional Investing: Exploring Alternative Asset Classes

Beyond Traditional Investing: Exploring Alternative Asset Classes

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Join us in Episode 20 of Inspired Money as we delve into the fascinating world of alternative asset classes. Our journey takes us beyond the realm of conventional investing, uncovering the unique opportunities and benefits these unconventional investments offer. 🌐 Join Special Guest panelists: David Stein, Ric Edelman and Gary Brode as we go beyond traditional investing.🏢📈

Episode Highlights:
- The rising popularity and benefits of alternative assets in investment portfolios.
- The enduring value of tangible investments like art and precious metals.
- Insights into the dynamic worlds of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
- The strategic role of private equity and hedge funds in sophisticated investing.
- Practical tips to avoid common mistakes in alternative asset investing.

🕒 Timestamps 🕒
0:00 - Introduction to alternative asset classes.
0:50 - Introduction of Andy W, the host of Inspired Money.
2:26 - Gary Bro, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Investing, is introduced.
4:06 - Ric Edelman, author and founder of a financial planning firm, shares insights.
6:03 - David Stein, former Chief Investment Strategist and podcast host, adds expertise.
7:57 - Strategic enhancement of portfolios with alternative assets.
9:11 - Benefits and risks of alternative assets discussed.
12:12 - Impact of blockchain on investment paradigms.
14:21 - Hedge funds and access for average investors.
17:02 - Inflation and its impact on alternative assets.
20:05 - Speculative nature of crypto and art investments.
23:04 - The significance of tangible assets in investment.
25:31 - Current macro backdrop for tangible assets.
32:44 - Importance of 21st-century investment strategies.
40:03 - Learning from different countries' economies.
50:04 - Diversity of hedge fund strategies.
57:04 - Common pitfalls in alternative investments.
1:00:06 - The pace of innovation in modern investing.

🌟 Meet Our Esteemed Guest Panelists 🌟

David Stein, former Chief Investment Strategist at FEG Investment Advisors and host of the Inspired Money livestream podcast, guides self-directed investors through the challenges of securing a lasting retirement. With over 20 million downloads, his Money for the Rest of Us Podcast imparts comprehensive financial knowledge through stories and examples, fostering a supportive community for those taking control of their financial future.

Scott Lynn is the Founder and CEO of, established in 2017 to democratize art investment by allowing individuals to invest in high-value artworks. Prior to Masterworks, he founded Payability in 2014, a digital lending provider, and has an extensive collection of contemporary art, including works by renowned artists.

Ric Edelman, a #1 NY Times bestselling author of 12 books on personal finance, including "The Truth About Crypto," hosts "The Truth About Your Future" podcast, and was host of the country's longest-running radio show on personal finance. Founder of the nation’s largest financial planning firm, he has been recognized in Research Magazine’s and Barron’s Financial Advisor Halls of Fame.

Gary Brode, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Investing, delivers independent stock ideas and market research to sophisticated investors. His career spans M&A and portfolio manager roles at Morgan Stanley, Seneca Capital, Brahman Capital, John Levin & Co., and founding ventures like Akita Capital Management and Silver Arrow.

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