22 Pacific Equity Funds Private Hard Money Loans in California

22 Pacific Equity Funds Private Hard Money Loans in California

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22 Pacific Equity presents Private Hard Money Funding in California

www.get22here.com [email protected]

Are you looking for a way to fund the purchase of a potentially great real estate deal?

Maybe a short sale or REO that you intend to rehab and flip?

Or pull cash out of an investment property you own, to acquire more property?

Maybe you have a commercial building with a lot of potential, but some vacancy, and the banks won't touch it

Perhaps you need working capital for an existing business?

Turning to traditional lenders, like banks, is often slow, and these days downright difficult.

If not impossible.

If you need your money quickly, and without a truckload of paperwork (tax returns, financials, etc.)...

There is another alternative.

You've heard of it. You may have even used it before.

I'm talking about private hard money.

However, I'm NOT talking about the old days, where rates were high, and fees were ridiculous.

I'm talking about a reasonable business expense. Perhaps even surprisingly low rates and fees.

The kind of rate that you may have seen in traditional bank loans just a couple of years ago.

Only this is money you can have FAST, and without much in the way of paperwork.

You supply a couple of items.

We open title and escrow.

And in about ONE WEEK, you'll have your money!

If you have enough equity in the purchase or refinance, you will very likely get a loan.

We're ready when you are.

Please visit our website www.get22here.com for more details.

THANKS for watching our video on Private Hard Money

Loan Amounts: $150,000 to $5,000,000+
Rates From: 5.5%
Fees From: 2%
Term: From 6 months to 20 years
Paperwork: Minimal
Funding: Typically one week
Property Types:
Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Non-Owner Residential,Construction and More

For More Information:
Visit our website: www.get22here.com
Email: [email protected]

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